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Mouldings & Packaging

Many Grupor® mouldings are used in the automobile industry, during sports and leisure activities, in the area of heat insulation, in equipment and containers or as gift, insulation and transport boxes. Thermoboxes made of EPS (Styropor®) and reusable packaging ensure the cold chain in the logistics of perishable food products. Mediboxes protect samples from damage and keep them cool on the way to the laboratory. Thanks to the latest materials and production processes, the variety of applications virtually knows no bounds. Their design and moulding means they can be used everywhere.

Packaging / Logistics Systems

Technical Mouldings

Insulation boxes and containers
Gift boxes
Electronic packaging
and a lot more besides

Air-conditioning, heat, and solar systems
Furniture / Decor / Picture Frame
Sport / Games / Leisure time
Food / Catering and much more

They are a part of everyday life, the packaging artists made of granulated foam plastic. Whether made of EPS (Styropor®) of EPP or of EPE, they protect what you value. Continue

The moulding and design virtually know no bounds. Whether as the seating component in the car, as a drinks dispenser for hot and cold drinks, as furniture padding, as EPS (Styropor®) core in a surfboard or protective helmet.  Continue