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Granulated foam plastics

Energy efficiency and economic viability with Grupor® foams

Grupor® EPS

EPS (expanded polystyrene) better known under the brand name Styropor® is the classic among raw materials for economic construction, rational and secure packaging and many additional creative applications. Despite its low material costs - 98% of EPS consists of air – it has a high degree of stability and elasticity. The air trapped in the pearls continue

Grupor® EPP

EPP (expanded Polypropylene) is a foam made of expanded, primarily closed-cell foam plastics. The thermoplastic plastic is processed to  Grupor® mouldings using the latest foam machines. The manufacture and processing of EPP Grupor®  continue

Grupor® EPE

EPE (expanded Polyethylene) has outstanding absorption properties. EPE absorbs the energy emitted from shock or vibrations during transport. Most particularly, EPE packaging and inserts effectively protect scratch-sensitive goods. Akin to EPP, EPE is a thermoplastic and can be easily recycled continue

Grupor® copolymers

Expandable copolymers are a category of plastics combining the advantages of various thermoplastics. For instance, protective helmets are produced from Grupor® Copolymer. In this connection, the high degree of energy absorption is used if the EPP is deformed. The difference between the copolymer and the simple EPP is in how... continue


Neopor® is the innovative enhancement of Styropor® (EPS). Special graphite particles - which reflect heat rays like a mirror and thus reduce heat loss - are added to the raw material Polystyrene. Thus, when it comes to insulation, Neopor® performs approx. 20% better than Styropor® when lower quantities of material are used. continue