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Customer satisfaction

Our company has set itself the market challenge of achieving higher quality standards for products. It is an inherent part of our quality policy and is directly related to our desire to fully meet our customers’ needs. As part of our corporate philosophy, the company management has set itself the goal of producing products of the highest quality and maximum value in order to gain the desired recognition and loyalty among our customer base.

Quality Management System according to ISO/TS 16 949 and DIN EN ISO 9001

The introduction and maintenance of a quality management system conforming to the requirements of ISO/TS 16 949 is intended to form the basis for the implementation of our philosophy regarding quality. Its consistent application and implementation in the company guarantees that all quality-related processes flow in a scheduled, controlled and organised way, and therefore all customer requirements agreed by contract are fulfilled.
         ISO/TS 16 949


A quality concept can only be implemented successfully if all company employees make a joint effort. Company management supports the effort of all employees by providing the required resources, through suitable measures as well as by offering training.