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Environment & Recycling

We care about the environment, our staff, customers and partners. Our recyclable mouldings made of Grupor® rigid foams are energy-efficient – in building technology they ensure that heat and cold energy is reduced and actively help to reduce environmentally harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

In the manufacture of automobiles, mouldings made of Grupor® granulated foam plastics not only protect car passengers, they also reduce the dead weight of the automobile and reduce its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Mouldings such as reusable packaging boxes made of Grupor® rigid foams can be used for years and can be transported in an extremely easy, reliable and environmentally friendly manner. Grupor® mouldings are an asset to climate protection.


Foamed plastics reduce oil consumption and therefore CO2 emissions

Only a little mineral oil is required to manufacture plastic. Only about five per cent of mineral oil is processed to plastic. About 90 per cent of mineral is used to generate energy. Transport and heating account for a large part of this. The growing use of foamed plastics, e.g. for insulating buildings or in vehicle construction, still offers considerable savings potential by reducing oil consumption and outweighs its production expenses.


Less heating oil means less CO2 emissions

560 litres of heating oil per annum in an old apartment that has been insulated with granulated foam plastics provide comfortable heating; on the other hand, 2,000 litres of heating oil is consumed in a poorly insulated old apartment of the same size. 57,000 litres of heating oil are saved over the course of 40 years – and the environment is saved a corresponding amount of CO2. However, based on 80m2 living space of an old apartment, only 973 litres of heating oil are consumed once to produce insulating foam!


Less weight means less CO2 emissions

Foamed plastics are increasingly replacing conventional, heavier materials in the manufacture of automobiles. They therefore contribute to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and considerably reduce the emission of pollutant greenhouse gases, i.e. CO2. Grupor® series parts can be fully recycled at the end of their period of use.


Lighter packaging mean less CO2 emissions

Modern packaging made of Grupor® rigid foams keep food fresh and cool, cooked meals remain warm for an extended period. They protect goods from damage and can be reused as often as desired, unlike other packaging. 98% of packaging from foamed Polystyrene consists of air trapped in the foamed plastic pearls. Consequently, they can be transported in a light, easy and affordable manner. Grupor® packaging and carriers can be fully recycled at the end of their period of use.


The end signifies a new beginning

- nothing is lost. We are conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. Even in 1979, at a time when nobody considered recycling or separating raw materials, the plastics plant in Katzbach was already operating a recycling plant. Goods made from foam plastics are recycled separately according to raw materials and forwarded to relevant partner companies for processing.